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Robeson Rocks! April 19, 2008

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Question Why Central East trained a brand new group of youth for the Lumbee Tribe of NC. Morgan Hunt, adult advisor, and the youth there are working hard to inform local residents of the dangers of tobacco and petitioning against the latest tobacco threat in their town, Lumbee Cigarettes. The Tobacco 101 training they received will help them to promote to their peers how dangerous tobacco is and how it can negatively affect your life. I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of exciting news coming from Robeson Co.’s Lumbee Tribe of NC soon!


Strike 2 Strikes Again April 9, 2008

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Saturday April 5th, Question Why East held a ‘Final Forum’ for two teams of youth from Southwest Onslow High School in Jacksonville NC. The meeting marked the conclusion of a 6 week long RTCC (Real Time Community Change) project during which the teams implemented funded plans aimed at getting more tobacco free policies passed in the community’s restaurants and other public venues. Highlights from the team’s reports include 236 community surveys that showed a majority of support for tobacco free public places, a presentation to the Onslow County Student Government Council which resulted in a request by the Jacksonville City Mayor for more information and an online version of the survey. All of youth who participated are also part of Strike 2 of Southwest High School, a student group that works to prevent tobacco use among younger youth and other teens. They also played a major role in the passing of Onslow County Schools Tobacco Free School policy in 2003.