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July Resources July 2, 2008

Posted by aidilhill in Resources.

Over the summer, teen tobacco prevention groups may have a hard time keeping things going. Whether you are doing orientation for newly recruited youth or want activities to present to other audiences, the resources below should do the trick. If you are an adult coordinator that has been doing this for a while, never underestimate the importance of basic tobacco information. An article by the American Cancer Society shows us that even the most simple understanding about the dangers of tobacco use are necessary to impact young people.


Icebreakers – Get your youth group or audience warmed up before getting started with a presentation. Check out our icebreaker resource. It has several ideas for you to try.

Chemical Box – Ever wonder what is in a cigarette? This activity outline will help you teach current members or others in your community with a “show and tell” like activity that gives away all of the disgusting ingredients of tobacco products.

BB Activity – This oldie but goodie shows how to put tobacco use in it’s proper perspective. If an audience understands that illicit drugs and alcohol are bad for public health, then tobacco’s harm will be seen as larger than life in comparison.

Advocacy Menu – Continue to work on tobacco prevention advocacy over the summer! Here are some ideas for things to do in your local area.



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