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QY Adult Staff present at “Celebrating A “TRU” Success!” conference November 17, 2008

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During a statewide conference for NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund Teen Tobacco Use Prevention grantees, QY staff presented a session titled “Working with Youth.”  The meeting took place in Greensboro NC on October 15th and 16th.  One activity shared during QY’s session was the “Ball Activiy” described below. 

Gain or regain the attention in a room quickly and easily with the simple use of one ball.  At the beginning of a meeting, teach the participants the “Ball Game.”  Hold the ball in one hand and throw it up in the air.  When the ball is in the air, all of the participants should make noise (yell, clap, whistle, etc.).  When the ball is caught in the hand of the facilitator, they must be quiet.  Throw the ball to different heights to test their ability. When you finish you’ll have the ball in your hand and everyone will be quiet!  Keep the ball handy and continue using the “Ball Game” throughout the meeting whenever you need everyone to regroup and quiet down. It’s fun and effective!

Also, if you are looking for useful tips and strategies to recruit an active, successful group of youth to work in teen tobacco use prevention, check out the Retention and Recruitment Toolkit on this website by clicking the RESOUCES link to your right and looking under the ADULT heading. 



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