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Building Your TRU Story

TRU Postcard Advocacy Activity! Click here for post card and instructions!

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Resources from the April 29, 2011 Adult Leader Training

Resources from the February 18, 2011 Adult Leader Training – Marshall

Social Networking Facts and Tips 3-29-12


-TRU Club Advisor Toolkit
-TRU Merchant Education Adult Guide
-TRU Club Startup Toolkit

-QY TRU Services Brochure
-Icebreaker Catalog


-Tobacco Myth Busting – A BRAND NEW resource to help youth prepare for public speaking and peer education by knowing how to disprove some well known tobacco myths.

BB Activity – This oldie but goodie shows how to put tobacco use in it’s proper perspective. If an audience understands that illicit drugs and alcohol are bad for public health, then tobacco’s harm will be seen as larger than life in comparison.

Straw Activity – Another oldie but goodie! This activity helps audiences understand the toll that smoking takes on an individuals breathing and lung health.

Cost of a Habit – A very simple activity that shows audiences how much money is wasted on an addiction to tobacco.

Tootsie Roll Activity – This is a fun (and a bit gross) activity allows audiences simulate the action of using smokeless tobacco.


ASPIRE (A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience) Great tool for youth whether they are advocates or tobacco users that want to know more.

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