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Question Why was famous for their work by youth and for youth. As a youth advocate, it’s probably hard to find training, information and tools in a way that appeal to young people.

If you are interested in any of the trainings below please contact us – to find out how click here!

Download the TRU Trainings and Technical Assistance brochure.

YOUTH TRAININGS (offered by youth for youth):

*modules focusing on businesses, places of worship, schools and parks are available


Question Why also provides workshops and materials for adults to improve their youth empowerment skills for teen tobacco use prevention and cessation in North Carolina.

Topics include:
• TRU youth recruitment and retention ideas
• Basic TRU facts and statistics
• TRU activities for youth
• Networking and resource-sharing
• Current information on youth empowerment and youth advocacy
• Various teen tobacco use prevention-related topics

Question Why is available to provide advice, assistance, and training pertaining to issues in the teen tobacco use prevention and cessation movement within North Carolina.

Question Why…
• Develops and shares resources
• Disseminates useful information on youth engagement strategies
• Shares information during calls, meetings and emails and via the TRU listserv and the ?Y website
• Participates in statewide taskforces and events

Contact Us for more information.

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